Web master.

I help people build beautiful digital experiences that connect and inspire, in Chicago and around the globe.

In my own words

I’m Scott, a software developer who finds himself preoccupied with technology, mindful living, and dreams of making an impact on the world.

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Western Michigan University. While I rarely discuss it, my interest in technology carries over into writing, as I have been writing a science fiction novel series since college. The New Arbiter is a trilogy where I imagine the consequences of a future where technology holds a larger part of people's lives than it already does.

Currently, I am an Associate Director of Development for VSA Partners, a branding and design marketing agency based in Chicago. Previously, I’ve been a lead developer for a startup, rubbed ears with Mickey at Walt Disney World, and built so many websites that I hardly remember. I am also on the Chicago committee for StartOut.

As a software developer, I make websites and apps, and I'm entirely self-taught. I started at the age of 13, and have been learning ever since. I consider this a distinct advantage; in the world of development, new techniques and technologies come out every year, and the ability to learn something quickly has always come naturally to me.

About Scott

Chicago, IL
Globally connected, locally rooted

I've lived in Michigan, Florida, New York but have stayed in Chicago since 2009. But I've worked with teams across the globe.

Associate Director, Development
VSA Partners

VSA Partners designs and activates brands to outperform in the modern world. I produce digital experiences for Fortune 50 clients, representing development on a cross-disciplinary team.

Self-Taught Web Developer
Teach a man to fish...

I taught myself HTML at 13 years old, and have been growing my skills by my own accord ever since. A lifetime of self-learning is a skill in itself, enabling me to learn new technologies with great skill.

Creative Writing, B.A.
Western Michigan University

Even though I didn't pursue a career in fiction writing, I still use my education every day. Whereas a creative writer writes for people, I just happen to write for machines these days.

Award-Nominated Developer
Webby Awards (2), Communicator Award (1)

My work has received nods from the internationally recognized Webby and Communicator awards.

Constantly Busy
Working hard, no matter where it is

When I'm not working, my time is occupied with numerous side projects, weight lifting, reading industry needs, playing video games, or walking my dog, Hobbes. I've also studied at Second City.

Principles I live by

You are the average of the 5 people closest to you

Who you spend your time with determines a lot about your life. You can’t help but seek their validation and acceptance. Their morals define what they believe in, and in effect, the type of acceptance you seek from them. Choose these people well.

Be willing to be misunderstood

Innovation requires breaking the rules, and breaking the rules is too often met with derision and confusion. If you believe in it and know it's right, then be willing to be misunderstood. Don't wait for others to catch up.

Weed your garden

A teacher once told me that the only way to get a garden full of flowers it to weed out the bad stuff first. This holds true in life as well - the activities and hobbies you choose, the people you include in your life - you must identify the weeds and root them out to let everything else have a chance to bloom.

Greatness breeds greatness

It's important to surround yourself by those who inspire you, and make you better. You are the average of the 5 people closest to you, so choose wisely.

Evolve or evaporate

Keep growing, keep building your skills and finding the things you can do now that you couldn’t before. Keep yourself moving, or else the world will pass by you.

Remember who matters

Especially in this social media driven world, it’s easy to get caught up in the majority opinion. It’s important to never change yourself except for your own sake, or the very select few people whose opinion truly matter.

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Web Portfolio

Self-taught since 13, I find great enjoyment in bringing businesses and individuals online. I look for new ways to augment and improve life through technology and design.

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DJ Mixes

A former nightclub DJ, I've performed for Google and countless dancing individuals. While I no longer pursue DJing as a career, I still enjoy making EDM-style podcasts.

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I write about the topic areas that interest me in the realms of web development, psychology and mindful living, advice, and reflections.

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